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Author Topic: Indoor CQB field?  (Read 2111 times)

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Re: Indoor CQB field?
« Reply #15 on: February 27, 2016, 12:36:56 AM »
I feel like addressing a few points in an effort to garner not sympathy, but understanding. I'll apologize now for being blunt on some of these. Also, like the throwaway name? :-D

Because they took the profits and ran instead of repairing the field and putting up new structures at the outdoor field. Thats why the shop was empty for the last few months before they shut it down.

I don't believe there were any profits involved once the company moved away from the crossing mall. I saw the lease agreement, and the rent was $11,375 per month. Works out to $136,500 per year, if anyone didn't want to do the math but was curious.

The shop was empty the last several months because the weekly purchasing budget alternated between $750 and reduced to $500 when the staff got paid that week. Enough to buy 3 rifles, a pistol or two, a few articles of gear, and some accessories, but never enough to last more than a day or two.

It was certainly a frustrating business from a partron's point of view.  I just got tired of their never being anything in stock and the restock never came.  I am not afraid to spend a little more to support my local business but the product has to be on the shelf in order for me to buy it.

Zero argument here, but the above reason is why the shelves were empty. It don't feel it is a good reason, but it is the reason nonetheless.

I told them a least a dozen times to rent a bulldozer and spend a few hours moving dirt and building some berms out there.  It would have made a huge difference and it would have cost relatively little.

I once saw one out there for about two hours, but I'm not certain what was being done with it. I can't guarantee they were actually working on improving the field, I never got close enough to see. More work was needed than was done, at minimum.

They now call themselves Extreme Sports Omaha or something like that. They sell airsoft, paintball, skateboarding, snowboarding and climbing equipment and DRONES!!!!

XWarrior Xtreme Sports, and no snowboarding, though I think that would have been smarter than the climbing gear.

Who knew they had experts on staff in all those fields...

No, not experts. Amateur hobbyists, but not without knowledge of those areas.
  • Mr. Torrie has fairly extensive (albeit rather dated) experience with paintball and skateboarding; he also has experience flying drones, including a Blade 350 QX3 (a low-to-mid level unit, they run about $750 in the same configuration) which he has had for about a year now, and he has been trying to get a drone racing league off the ground (forgive the pun) in the area.
  • Ms. Ingram has experience with rock climbing; however, I do not know to what extent.
  • Though he doesn't quite keep up to date with new products and innovations in the market as well as I would like, Mr. Badders has a fair level of experience with airsoft, despite not being at many games the last few years.
  • Mrs. Torrie also has learned much about airsoft since starting to play 2 years ago.

Personally, I think an "Expert" in a sport needs to derive a fair portion of their income from competing in said sport. So though not experts, I don't believe they are oblivious to the markets that the company expanded into.


All that unpleasantness aside, selecting restock inventory has been delegated to Mr. Torrie and Mr. Badders, and after resolving some miscommunication with the corporate management, today the two put together over $5,500 in orders to restock, which should be approved (thanks to the understanding reached today with corporate) and ordered Monday if everything goes as planned. I'll update this when it comes in (again, assuming the understanding, well, stands) if anyone would give them another chance. Prices came down after closing the arena, if anyone here cares.

In short, they have been trying to make it not suck, but get bogged down in figurative red tape.

I also would appreciate it if this wasn't spread outside the forum, and especially not on Facebook, in order to protect the not-innocent-but-well-intentioned author. Feel free to PM me with any questions, and I'll try to answer them as best as I am able.

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Re: Indoor CQB field?
« Reply #16 on: March 01, 2016, 04:41:15 PM »
I for one bought SEVERAL airsoft guns from the shop, had the guys work on them and have minimal complaints regarding the service/experience.  Fortunately for me - my gun cases were full by the time the supply started dwindling.

I really wanted to see the shop/arena succeed - and realize what a great luxury we had.  I just hate that there isn't another place to play (CQB) within a reasonable distance.

Hoping beyond hope that another one opens up, but, that's looking unlikely.

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Re: Indoor CQB field?
« Reply #17 on: July 16, 2016, 03:57:46 PM »
Are drones allowed at any of the skirmishes?
Chris D.