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Author Topic: Not sure if you guys know about this yet, but I thought it would be important.  (Read 955 times)

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So... Government is at it again...
If you don't know what they are talking about, here is a post about it.
There isn't much time, and we might not get enough signatures, but who knows. I certainly hope this doesn't ruin airsoft for everyone...

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"Hey airsoft customers. Here you go. Copy and post this whenever anyone posts about the white house petition regarding that senate bill forcing you to paint your bb blasters:


Hope this helps educate everyone on what a white house petition is.

You are alerting the white house, a rabid anti gun establishment, to a new cause.

All white house petitions do is force the administration to review the bill and issue a statement on it, in this case in line with their existing anti gun views.

Your opinions in the petition don't matter.
You are alerting the enemy.

Follow the NRA playbook. It is successful. Contact your local pro gun and pro business representatives. You are shooting yourself and the hobby in the foot with this feel good gen Y, Generation Hash tag approach."

This was posted on Facebook by Chris Pfluger, owner of Dynamic Threat Management LLC. Highly respected individual and kind of an advocate for the hobby. If you're on any of the airsoft FB pages, i'm sure you've seen him posting.